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JIBBA JABBA - Intervista a Cluttered Grotto

Punk californaino di soli 12 anni. Intervistato da Saldacani.

Cluttered Grotto è lo stordente progetto del giovane roker Lucas Harmer. Con il suo primo EP, JIBBA JABBA, va dritto al punto e in sei minuti offre un concentrato esplosivo di rok che-se-ne-frega. Vortici di chitarrine pazze, batteria elettronica e nonsenso canoro direttamente da Concord, California.

Gli abbiamo fatto qualche domanda per capire chi si nasconde sotto quella busta di carta. 

How old are you and for how long have you been roking? 

I am 12 and a half and I started playing guitar at 9.

When and how did you start Cluttered Grotto? Why did you pick this name? Does it have a particular meaning for you?

I started Cluttered Grotto at 11. I’m not really sure how I started Cluttered Grotto but I’m pretty sure it’s because I was listening to a lot of cool bands, and I thought I could do what they were doing, so I did. This name doesn’t particularly mean anything to me because I just picked two words I thought sounded cool and that became the name of the project.

What influenced you the most when you started this project?

What influenced me the most were bands like Gee Tee, Powerplant, The Shifters, The Satanic Togas, Tee Vee Repairmann, etc.

From what I understand you did everything by yourself, right? What’s the biggest advantage of a solo project? And what’s the biggest limit?

Yes I did start everything by myself. I think the biggest advantage of being a solo project is that I can record when I want, I can write songs about whatever I want with nobody holding me back, but the disadvantage of being a solo project is that it’s hard for me to play live.


Have you ever played this music live? When you play do you usually wear a paper bag on your head?

I have never played music live, but I hopefully will be able to not so far in the future. I don’t plan on playing with a bag on my head, hah, I just thought putting a paper bag on my head would be a cool album cover.

Name one song, one album and one artist/band you really like and you would suggest to our readers. 

One song I like is My Room at Night by Liquids, off of the EP Terminaldiarrhea, one album I like is S/T by Gee Tee, and one artist/band I would suggest is Nick Normal.

Ecco il video integrale di “Jibba Jabba” caricato sul nostro canale YouTube.


From: Concord, California
Label: not on label
Album cover: Cluttered Grotto
Release: March 11, 2022

BANDCAMP: https://clutteredgrotto.bandcamp.com/album/jibba-jabba


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