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Baby Lemonade

“Only assholes eat Mars.
What a shitty stupid disgusting fuck…BAH!”

Quando ascoltai per la prima volta Egg Idiot, nel maggio ’21, mai mi sarei immaginata che un giorno avrei avuto la possibilità di vederlo live per 4 volte, di conoscerlo e di fargli un’intervista. Mi ricordo ancora le circostanze in cui mi sono imbattuta nel suo primo EP. Io e Saldacani eravamo in viaggio in autostrada e io dovevo occuparmi del sottofondo musicale. Vado su YouTube, guardo tra le ultime uscite e mi salta subito all’occhio questa immagine molto buffa di un omino imbronciato. Leggiamo che è il progetto solista di un membro degli Ex-White (quindi bene) e parte la prima traccia. Sound veramente catchy, virtuoso, veloce e molto, molto weird come piace a noi. Da quel giorno non ho mai smesso di ascoltarlo. Tra la moltitudine di pubblicazioni, quelle di Egg Idiot hanno trovato il loro primo posto nel podio e nel cuore – e ancora oggi ci rimangono. 

Per questo motivo, cioè per questa mia quasi-ossessione, dopo averlo conosciuto durante il suo tour italiano, non mi sono fatta scappare l’occasione di rivolgergli qualche domanda e conoscerlo meglio (grazie Saldacani per l’aiuto!)…quello che ne segue è il risultato!

-Baby Lemonade


Hi George, how are you doing? You just got back from a tour in Italy, you played with S.G.A.T.V. and Doc Flippers, how was everything? Did you enjoy Italy?

Hey Federica! I am doing wonderfull! I had so much fun onthis tour, I don’t know how to describe it. It felt like a very long lasting joke and here I am now a week later sitting in my bed still laughing. I am filled with joy. I didn’t really know the dudes from S.G.A.T.V. but now they have their own place in my heart. If there would be a fun police we would all be in jail. Life sentenced, torture and the electric chair. Do I sound like a hedonistic asshole?
So I did the first 3 shows with them and then they dropped me off in Rome. I took a look at the old shit in the city and then Doc Flippers came and let me into their van. Oh boy and a new chapter began. Feels like now I have two families. Both taking good good care of me and all my needs.

You perform under the name of Egg Idiot and you also play the bass in Ex White. Did you play in any other band we might know? Do you have new plans for the future?

Back in the days I played in that band called Zhod. “Zentralheizung of death (des todes)”. A bit punk, a bit pop, kind of fast, lots of riffs, didn’t really like it tho. And I played with Dr. Urban. Punk-Trio pretending the german wall still stands. Main focus: getting as drunk as possible before the show. I even had a blackout at our first gig.
I-Just-Don’t-Remember-Anything. And no, I don’t really have plans. Would love to do a coversong-album.

wwdis sartoria – Feb. 21 (@zletiz)

Can you tell us the origin story of Egg Idiot?

Oh the origin story of Egg Idiot…gonna make it as short as possible.
Had a band, looking for a name. We we’re sitting in that Bar in Leipzig east. Someone had tagged „Eier“ on the door so we named the project EIER (means eggs in german). Idea: dress up like eggs for the shows. Band didn’t do it (4 practices) and when I tried to record my own shit years later I just took the idea with me. I went to the practiceroom with the intention to record a song that sounds like a song from the old game “ROAD RASH” where you ride a motorcycle against others but you can kick and punch them. So that’s why the first song is called “RAGE OF ROAD”.

And the funny thing is: I never heard the thing “egg-punk” before. I knew there was this weird genre but I had no idea it was called egg-punk. Only a big coincidence.

What’s the creative process behind your music?

I live my life, go to the practicespace, record a riff, record guitar toppings, then the bass, then the drums and then I listen to it, get the vibe and the energy, try to come up with something silly, good and real and do the lyrics. That’s how I do most of the songs (90%). The rest is just shitting into the microphone.

As everybody knows, when you perform you wear an egg costume and put scary makeup on. Do you think your performances would have make sense without the whole costume?

Well without the costume I would just be a dude on a stage screaming into the mic. We have all seen it before. The costume is only underlining the stupidity of my music. I’m more like a modern clown. And to be honest – I don’t like it. Sometimes I think people don’t take my music serious. I know it is meant to be a whole bunch of shit and sillyness but deep down, if you take a good look, there is so much going on and I am doing my best to put out a good song that works in it’s structure and all the rest blablabla. A fine line…

wwdis sartoria – Feb. 21 (@babylemonade)

What are the biggest inconveniences of your costume?

I dress like an idiot so people see me as an idiot. My name includes “idiot” so that doesn’t come from far. But the worst… mhhh there is actually NOTHING good about it. It takes sooo much space in the fucking car. And the heat… fucking hell you can’t imagine how hot it’s getting in there. And when there’s a nice crowd I do my best to move as much as possible and so…it is like the hardest workout but with your winterjacket on.
After the show I am soooo exhausted. Trying to catch my breath for at least 10 minutes.

Egg Idiot is a solo project but occasionally you perform some songs with live band. According to your experiences, what are the disadvantages and advantages of playing alone and those of playing together with bands?

I mean it couldn’t be more simple than playing soloshows like I do. Laptop and microphone, soundcheck normally about 2 minutes. Sometimes even less. What else I need on stage? A little box to put my shit on. That’s it. I thank myself for having such a quick and easy set up. And I believe everyone else included too. I don’t need to ask when there’s time to practice, I just go when I feel like. And in this Egg Idiot time I had only one practice. Tried the songs once the night before my first show. But since the process of writing the songs is so intense the songs are branded into my brain. Oh and another good part is: I don’t have to share the money. so I can live a little bit off it. The bad side is the sound. I recorded all the songs quite poorly with only a mic and the free shitty software on my laptop. so on big stages it just sounds crappy.

A backing band would give it so much power and style. Now that i have finished the second album (a year ago) I kinda wish for another project including more people than just me. I am craving for other brains. I don’t enjoy being alone anymore as much as when I started 2 years ago. So…hello? is there someone interested in some shit? I want it fast, brutal and…I don’t know. call me

wwdis sartoria – Feb. 21 (@saldacani)

I like to read the lyrics of the songs I love and yours are so funny and a little bit cinics. Egg Idiot definitely isn’t a role model or the nephew that all grannies would have (see “Guess Who’s Calling”). How much do you “believe” in what you sing in your songs?

I believe in every single line I ever wrote for Egg Idiot. Haha, I mean, not all of it really happened. Sure it is a hole for the outside world to have a look what’s going on inside my head.

“Guess who’s calling” is based on reality. Well, it actually is true. I never said bad things to her but that is what I thought when she wouldn’t stop calling me for nothing. I changed my number but my mom gave it to her – how stupid is that? But when I look at the tracklist – lot of it has a true origin story.

Like “Wifi Wizard”. I was driving Omni from Atlanta through Europe so they got this pocket device to provide them with wifi all through the tour. We called it Mr. Asshole. Sometimes Mr. Asshole had it’s issues and broke down. The song’s just about that.

Or “Suicide Rider”. I don’t know why but gravity often tends to work harder on me than on others around. That night when I smashed against the wall with the sled I fell many many times. Once even on my fucking face. But normally I don’t get hurt. “Trunk” has the same topic.

Oh and I really like “Nose Warriors”. One very long night… we started to believe we took meth.

I’m having big problems listening to music with shitty lyrics. If I don’t understand them-that’s okay -but if I get it: problem! So many songs about made up problems, only trying to use words as an rhyming instrument but without any real sense behind it. And if I hear only “blabla” that’s not
even written with quality and feeling or slightly funny -I really dislike it. Rather don’t say anything then. Say stupid stuff, that’s harder to judge. I’m not too proud of what I write but I stand behind it. And that’s a rare thing for me.

Do you have a song you wrote inspired by an event you experienced or that someone told you about? If so, can you tell us something about it?

Oh I think that question is now covered. But since you’re asking. “Pills in my butt”. There’s not much to say. You got some pills, you really want them at your holiday on the other side of the border so you’re willing to go safe and hide them from the cops in a very warm and secret place.

You also do amazing animations and comics. When did you start drawing?

Oh thanks. I started drawing as soon as I knew how to use my hands. Doing animation I think I started around 10 years ago. Inspired by the amazing series “Superjail”, showing that EVERYTHING is possible. But since I am a lazy fuck I do maybe one cartoon a year. I could do it now – there’s nothing to do – but I rather stay on my couch getting fat only thinking about what bar should I go to later.

For what concerns punk music and DIY attitude, Leipzig seems to be one of the hottest spots in Germany and Europe. Is it how it seems or are there any downsides? Which other German city do you recommend for his affinity to Leipzig?

I heard about it but I don’t know. Yes there are quite a few bands that matter to me that are based in Leipzig but I think there are also quite a lot in Berlin. Don’t know much about the scene from “the other side”. By that I mean Westgermany. So at least to me – Leipzig and Berlin are the two cities that musically matter. It doesn’t take long. Maybe 3 Years to crawl through the corners of both, getting to know all the bands and the people and so the scene. Going to a gig or party in B or L – I am most certain I know at least 10 faces. And it is just a 2 hour drive. You should ask someone else about music scenes in Germany -I don’t know shit.

Name a song, a band/artist and an album you like.

What’s your favorite egg recipe?

Keep the egg warm so a fucking chicken comes out =)
Let it grow, feed it, love it till it dies then cry.

Here’s a final question for you. You have to pick one: Twix or Mars?

Only assholes eat Mars. What a shitty stupid disgusting fuck…BAH!


Baby Lemonade