The 10 best songs of 2020


As every end of the year Bang Bang Radio has chosen the 50 best tracks of the year. Here on Super Stanzy a few words about the top ten chart of our favourite web radio. 


Fili – Volcom 

from “Volcom” Stupid Decisions Records

Mexican combo with just a handful of releases to their credit, including the latest Volcom, released on cassette in November by Stupid Decisions. Volcom is the opening and title track of the EP, a fulminating 1.30 minutes of lo-fi egg punk filled with drum machines and a intriguing mumbling voice. The rest of the Ep is also super interesting, each song showing other sides of the band, like the synthish pop Warel and the claustrophobic Casique.


Alien Nosejob – Present Becomes Past 

from  “Once Again The Present Becomes The Past”, Anti Fade Records

The Melbourne musician Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants, School Damage, Hierophants) has released 3 Alien Nosejob albums this year (all of them on Anti-fade), including the last Once Again The Present Becomes The Past. The album was initially conceived as a concept record about Australia’s first and largest air raid, the 1942 Bombing of Darwin, and that’s exactly what the quasi-title track is, a distressing weirdo HC punk song at its finest.

N° 8

Lassie – QT Enhancer 


The band Lassie based in Leipzig (DE), have given us only a handful of releases since January 2018. The latest delivery is a split tape released in May with the Ex-White associates, which contains three unreleased tracks including this QT Enhancer, the prototype of the great tunes this band can give to the world. We look forward to seeing this band at work here in Italy. I WANT QT


a/lpaca – Cruel Reality

from “Abnormous Neutral”, Goodbye Boozy

a/lpaca, from Mantua (IT), is a young quartet that we’ve been following since its existence. Their latest EP, Abnormous Neutral was released on Goodbye Boozy in digital at the start of December. The entire work has been recorded with just two smartphone and an Ipad (read full article). A lofi approach that the band seemed have never taken into account so far and that we liked very much. Cruel Reality is just as cruel as the title suggests, inspired by Coachwhips and by the kraut vibes embedded inside the a/lpaca boys.

N° 6 

Gee Tee – Kombat 

from “Atomic” Goodbye Boozy

Gee Tee from Sydney (AUS) is the band everyone should listen to. Their last EP Atomic has been released on Goodbye Boozy last August. Their sound somehow manages to be super fun, weird, raw, melodic and original all at the same time, just like no other band in Rok history. Kombat Kitchen is as great as other hits like FBI, Caltex, Livin on the future and I could go on hours … just have a listen! 

Help! After i passed out drunk on the kitchen floor for the 5th time this week my last braincell went to form a band and made this EP”. Comment written by a fan on their bandcamp

N° 5

Lake – Roundelay

from “Roundelay” Cascade Records

Lake is a band from Olympia US active since 2005 and their ninth album called Roundelay was released in April on Cascade Records. The title track is a seductive and enigmatic avant-pop piece with a slight taste of new wave, irony and magic.

N° 4

Yonic South – Tell me why

da “Twix & Dive” La Tempesta Dischi

We probably don’t have to explain who Yonic South are. 2020 deprived us of their phenomenal live shows, but it still haven’t left us dry. In fact, in May they gave us this “Twix and Dive”, an EP that includes four songs taken from the band’s prehistory, including “Tell Me Why”, an obscene and malicious assault and tribute to their idol Techno Viking.

N° 3

Dadar- Calendarize

from “To take in or eat out” Low-life lo-fi Records

Dadar is a project divided between Parma and Rovereto, from a branch of Shitty Life. They released their debut album To take in or eat out in January, just before the apocalypse broke out. Bad stuff, straight, tense, with the sharp guitars and the wrong synths. Lowest step of the ultra-deserved podium.

N° 2

The Lazy Eyes – Cheesy love song

from “EP1″ 

Sydney psych pop outfit The Lazy Eyes are a fresh project that debuted in January with this release laconically entitled “EP1”. These guys have been able to pack this elegant, refined, lennonian ballad with vintage vibes and a psychedelic heart, that grows until it takes off into deep space.

N° 1

Bee Bee Sea – Day Ripper

from “Day Ripper” Wild Honey Records

As for Yonic South, needless to explain who the Bee Bee Sea are. We have never hidden that the guys from Castel Goffredo are among our absolute Bae, so no surprise that “Day Ripper”, title track of their third full-length, has also reached the top of our top 10 2020.

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