The Jimmys' "The Demos" EP by Andrew Tee

The shit is sick, the sky is blue, a cool EP for you.

The Jimmy’s from Portland.

The shit is sick, the sky is blue, a cool EP for you.

Raw recording for a better world. What else?

The Jimmy’s are great people, pure, true, honest and inclusive, always there for yo.

This is clearly a nice devo-tional lo-fi punk EP, that u can share with your coffee in the morning for example..

Peace the fuck out, listen music and respect everyone!

Your darling

Magüt Records

Andrew Tee says:

“While I’m pooping, Wilson passes me this demo and my sight falls like an anvil thrown from the 4th floor on the track entitled I hate cops. Everything else disappears.

Yes, I hate cops to the max.

No doubt , I already love the band even without listening to it just like a groupie.

In any case, I go out, turn on the laptop and plug the crates.

Fuck… the usual Americans, not a big surprise!

Listening you can feel Pow, Spits and D.L.i.M.C that obviously are super cool and also you can think that if you don’t hate cops you certainly have some problems.

I smell the 90’s games room, not the stench, but the smell of the small party’s that my nerdy friends and I unleashed while we harassed the other kids to steal the only token they had.

1+1 = 666 , drum machine and guitar are the binary code of an old Olivetti’s system plugged into some guitar pedal, crashes, degrades and then explodes.

Commander Data also suggests that sometimes when you run out of weed it means it’s time to drink coffee. Weird, isn’t it?

Will we ever see this band live or will it be just something triggered by the covid?

Mucho Gusto”



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